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11/5 Yoga the Vote! Kerri Kelly and special guests:

Congressman Tim Ryan
Sharon Salzburg
Saul David Raye
Jenny Waggoner (League of Women Voters)


11/6 — ELECTION DAY (no call, but get out there and vote!)



10/8: Yoga, Meet Politics (get this recording when you register above)

Seane Corn, OTM Founder // Angel Kyodo Williams, MindfulVOTES Director //Kerri Kelly, YogaVotes Director

Seane Corn

Angel Kyodo Williams

Kerri Kelly

10/15: ABC’s of Voting

Donnie Fowler, Presidential Campaign Strategist

We’ll be covering stuff you need to know about how our system actually works:

* national polls versus electoral college
* debates
* early voting
* what campaigns focus on in the final few weeks of a presidential campaign

Donnie Fowler

Donnie Fowler


10/22: Yoga Teachers as Community Activists

Waylon Lewis, founder of Elephant Journal and Congressman Jared Polis

Waylon and Congressman Jared Polis invite you to an important discussion: How can we create a healthier, less divisive atmosphere in our political communities? And how can you — as a yogi — play an integral role in this evolution of the political landscape?

Whether you’re enthusiastic, skeptical, or cynical about the prospects of change and engaging with our current system, you are invited to join this call and share your candid thoughts. Enter your name and e-mail above to get your PIN and call-in number for this call.

Waylon Lewis
Congressman Jared Polis


10/29: The Impact of Conscious Decision Making

Find what means something to you, and act on it––that’s yoga.

One of the most important teachings and texts comes from the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient text a couple thousand years old. It’s all about being involved in life. Its teaching is that yoga is not about passivity, it’s the opposite of passivity. On the other hand it says, don’t make any assumptions about what you think is right and the right things to act on. Get your mind quiet, and what you hear there, act on with courage. That’s the yoga tradition. Therefore, the fact that YogaVotes is a non-partisan collective in which we are empowering people who practice yoga to step out of passivity and remind them that it’s not just going to shape a better country, but it’s actually a yogic thing to do––is to be non-passive, and actively living your truth.

Rod Stryker
Rod Stryker