Writing Your Practice: An Online Course for Yoga Teachers and Students

Want to write with the ease, grace, and creativity of Ganesh?


A 10-module course with Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher Susanna Harwood Rubin

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Learn more about this course and get step-by-step instructions to take your writing to the next level — whether you’ve been writing for a while or are just getting started.

From Susanna Harwood Rubin:

At the heart of both Yoga and Writing resides the urge toward creativity and a desire for self-expression. Both practices require a balance of structure and freedom in order to thrive. I designed Writing Your Practice, a 10-week online course, specifically for yoga practitioners. The course is structured on ten powerful yogic concepts, ranging from Ganesha to the Rasas and Kali. Through the exploration of these concepts, you will broaden your perspective, refine your skills, and permanently transform your writing.

Whether you are a student or a teacher, a journal writer, blogger, or simply want to begin writing, this course will nurture and grow your practice. You will acquire techniques and exercises to enrich your subject matter, break through writing blocks, evolve your style, and fine-tune your prose. Writing Your Practice invites you to step more fully and confidently into your voice and to expand the boundaries of your self-expression.

As a participant of Writing Your Practice, you get:

10 Weekly Teleconferences

For each of the 10 weeks, I will present a particular Yoga Topic for the first half of the Teleconference session. For the second half of the session, we will discuss how this topic will fuel your weekly writing through an open exchange of ideas.

See below for more details on each of the 10 weeks.

 A Private Online Forum in the form of a Facebook Group to share your writing with your classmates and offer each other feedback and support.

A One-on-One Personalized Coaching Session with Susanna You will receive a One-on-One Coaching session, including comments, writing tips, and critiques to fine-tune your prose and take your writing to the next level. Sessions will occur over the phone or via Skype.

Wouldn't you like your writing to pulsate with Shri?

Recorded Teleconferences No need to worry about missing some of the live sessions. Each weekly teleconference will be recorded and available for you to download so you can listen at any time.


Here’s an Overview of the 10 class modules for Writing Your Practice:

Class 1 – Finding your Voice

Let Ganesh be your guide to self-expression...

The elephant-headed Ganesha sits at the threshold, representing transformation and new beginnings. Choosing to write is stepping through a doorway into a deeper place inside your self. Finding Your Voice will guide you into this place, where you will investigate your proclivities, passions, and the individual qualities that make you you! Here, you will begin to find your voice.

(next week: writing time)

Class 2 – Creating Your Practice

In order to grow as a writer, you must continually create and self-edit. But how do you sustain it? Shiva’s ongoing process of Creation, Maintenance, and Dissolution, shows that in order to grow, we must establish a foundational practice. Creating Your Practice will help you to design a firm weekly practice for yourself and to strategize how to balance your creative output with your editorial eye. In the words of Sri Pattabhi Jois, “Practice, and all will come.”

Class 3 – Just Write!

Kali is primal and uncensored, the ferocious embrace of every possibility. Before you narrow your subject matter and refine your prose, you have to open the floodgates. Just Write! will teach you techniques for getting unstuck, overcoming your fear of the blank page or opening sentence, and letting it flow with wild creativity and without judgment.

Class 4 – Accessing Your Potential

Hanuman is a shape-shifting yogi whose devotion is unwavering. He shows that regardless of what you put out into the world, it is an expression of what you care about and who you are. In Accessing Your Potential, you will dive into your center to investigate your own gifts, uncovering what you want to write about, and expressing it unwaveringly.

Class 5 – Refining Your Practice

Shri means abundance, but also refinement.  Once your words are flowing, it’s time to look more closely at your writing style. Through expanding your ability to create precise descriptions, and gathering vocabulary, Refining Your Practice will show you how to tone your prose and expand your descriptive abilities. With more linguistic & stylistic choices, you will become more deliberate in your use of words.

Class 6 – Expanding Your Voice

The most skillful writers plumb their own depths to draw upon a wide range of mental and emotional states. The Rasas show us that in art as in life, we have access to all of these flavors of experience, although we tend to favor some over others. In Expanding Your Voice, you will learn to access different aspects of your voice, from the comic to the peaceful, from revulsion to the ecstatic, recognizing that they are not always that far apart.

Class 7 – Setting Goals

In the Baghavad Gita, Krishna tells the great warrior Arjuna that he must step up and do what needs to be done – to engage on the field of life. Similarly, as a writer you need to own your sense of purpose, pinpointing what you want to express in a particular piece of writing, and insuring that your details compel it forward. In Setting Goals, you will learn to be decisive in your editing so that your ideas glitter with precision.

Class 8 – Connecting Deeply

To write powerfully, you need to show something rather than tell about it. Vac is the vibratory power of speech, pulsing with evocation. In Connecting Deeply, you will deepen your awareness of how particular words resonate, learn how to juxtapose words and phrases to create different effects, and develop compelling ways of expressing the vibratory creative impulse within yourself so that your words carry power.

Class 9 – The Beauty of Conversation

Writing helps us to know ourselves better, creating an inner dialogue that enables us to converse more powerfully with the world. Writing creates a field in which our internal and external worlds continually echo each other. Our unique singular selves and our rich, diverse selves enter into conversation. In The Beauty of Conversation, we will explore Subrahmanya,  Ganesha’s brother, whose prismatic nature serves as a counterpoint to Ganesha’s solidity, owning our diversity and finding connections within it.

(next two weeks: 1-on-1 meetings and writing time)

Class 10 – Making it heard – Getting It Out There

Get your Great Work Out There!

There are few things as satisfying for a writer as seeing your work published and read. This involves balancing day-to-day practicalities with the often-unpredictable creative impulse. In Making it Heard we will explore the concepts of Karma (action) and Lila (serendipity, chance) that get your writing out into the world. From establishing productive habits to Blogging, using Social Media, and enlisting your friends, you will create a strategy that will expand your writing practice and your audience in ways that serve you.

Susanna Harwood Rubin

About your guide and teacher, Susanna Harwood Rubin:

As a Certified Anusara® Yoga teacher, writer, and artist, Susanna’s teaching is infused with creativity. Her classes interweave myth, poetry and philosophy with art and literary references, offering students an experience of both intensity and grace. She has spent the past decade studying with John Friend and Dr. Douglas Brooks, with whom she has traveled several times to South India to delve into the traditions of Rajanaka Tantra. She is profoundly grateful to John and Douglas for being such spectacular, inspirational, and supportive teachers.

Susanna has exhibited internationally and is represented in many private and museum collections, including the UCLA Hammer Museum and the Addison Gallery of American Art. She spent years lecturing and writing for MoMA, including co-authoring Looking at Matisse and Picasso. She designed and implemented MoMA’s first Writing and Art Programs, and worked closely with Project Zero, a division of Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, to write museum curriculum.

Inspired by her educational work at MoMA, Susanna now takes delight in distilling complex yogic concepts into clear and vivid language so that her students can readily access their inner beauty. She believes that helping people to discover their subject matter, expand their means of self-expression, and fine-tune their prose is profoundly meaningful.

Susanna has written extensively for SocialWorkout, and currently writes for Elephant Journal and  Origin Magazine. She has been profiled by FIT YOGA magazine, YogaSleuth, SocialWorkout, and recently gave a talk for the Yoga Teacher Telesummit on the relationship between writing and yoga. Susanna is based at NYC’s Virayoga.

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